Vinyl acetate: global demand expansion and Asia's important production capacity

ABSTRACT:In the year of 2017, the development of chemical industry was more bright, and the overall market trend was obvious, and the demand for chemical industry at home and abroad was obvious
In the year of 2017, the development of chemical industry was more bright, and the overall market trend was obvious, and the demand for chemical industry at home and abroad was obvious. The growth momentum of the global economy is keeping high, so in many aspects and the strong support of the national policy in recent years, the market position of chemical industry products has gradually increased. Judging from the intensity of the growth of many chemical products, there are many high temperature "stars", such as vinyl acetate. The following is a detailed understanding of the past and future development of vinyl acetate.
Overhaul + environmental factors promote the rise of vinyl acetate Market
According to Huicong chemical network, vinyl acetate, also known as vinyl acetate, is an important organic chemical raw material. It is widely used in coating, slurry, film, leather processing, synthetic fiber, soil improvement and so on. Review vinyl acetate development, 2017 vinyl acetate Market has experienced a variety of events boosted, from the two quarter, vinyl acetate began to usher in the maintenance period, domestic parts of vinyl acetate enterprises once stopped, such as Ningxia land, Inner Mongolia Shuang Xin, Shanxi three-dimensional, Shanghai Petrochemical maintenance events, make acetic acid B The overall market operating rate of the alkene has dropped to around 40%, and the spot market tension has boosted the market.
In addition, the third quarter of 2017 was influenced by the "Harvey" in the United States, which led to a certain impact on the international chemical industry. The international vinyl acetate device announced the force majeure. At the same time, the enthusiasm of China's export rose wantonly. Meanwhile, the price of vinyl acetate was top in the cloud at the same time in the domestic trade market. In November, the price of acetic acid was the same as the price of acetic acid. On the road, it will help increase the price of vinyl acetate. According to Huicong chemical network, in December, the price of vinyl acetate reached 7700 yuan / ton, or about 24%.
Demand for vinyl acetate increases Asia's main production capacity
From the point of view of technology, the main industrial production methods of vinyl acetate are acetylene method and ethylene process. The ethylene process occupies the dominant position because of its good technological and economic nature. In the world vinyl acetate production process, ethylene production capacity accounts for about 68.5% of the total capacity, and the annual production capacity of the acetylene process is 31.5%. In North America, the fixed Gas-phase Ethylene / acetic acid process is adopted, while the acetylene / acetic acid production process is adopted in China. According to the Huicong chemical network, the Celanese Co is the world's largest producer of vinyl acetate with a capacity of 1 million 425 thousand tons, accounting for 17.55% of the world's total capacity. The production devices are built in the United States, Germany, China and Singapore, followed by Sinopec, with a capacity of 1 million 248 thousand tons, accounting for 15.37% of the total capacity.
The Asian market is becoming the main production force in the world. Under the open development prospect of the downstream market of vinyl acetate, many enterprises will plan to build or expand the vinyl acetate plant in the future, and the production capacity of the vinyl acetate is steadily rising. China is also following the steps of the world to promote the production of vinyl acetate. In 2017, the domestic vinyl acetate was put into production, such as monywei technology, Tengzhou Zhongsheng chemical industry and so on. Therefore, it is expected that in the next 2-3 years, the annual capacity of the global vinyl acetate can reach more than 9 million 500 thousand tons.
Another point of expanding capacity is that the demand for vinyl acetate is increasing. As illustrated above, the demand for vinyl acetate is steadily increasing in recent years. Huicong chemical has learned from multiple channels that the demand for vinyl acetate in the world is increasing at an annual rate of 2.6% in the next few years, reaching a demand of 6 million 444 thousand tons by 2020. Among them, the fastest growing is Southeast Asia, with the average annual growth rate of 5.8%, and the slowest region in Western Europe, and the average annual growth rate of consumption is only 0.3%.
High growth rate in downstream market promotes global supply pattern change
Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer has been developing rapidly in the downstream market of vinyl acetate. Asian markets account for 50% of the world's EVA demand, and China's EVA market largely relies on imports before 2016. According to annex, EVA capacity is expected to reach 1 million 800 thousand tons per year in 2020, the demand for ethylene vinyl acetate is huge, and the 100 thousand tons ethylene production capacity plan of Sheng Hong group and Hong Hong group is put into production in 2020. Therefore, the EVA market will lead to the rapid development of the global vinyl acetate Market, and the annual average demand growth rate will exceed 4.5%, and the supply pattern of vinyl acetate will be changed greatly.
What's important in the future is environmental pressure. From the environmental reform in recent years, environmental protection measures have basically limited the production of many chemical enterprises. Large enterprises have the ability to upgrade the investment in environmental protection equipment. Some medium-sized factories say only 3~4 days a week can be guaranteed to be normal production, and the small terminal factories are shut down. Therefore, in 2018, the intensity of environmental protection inspection is still heavy. In the future, whether it is vinyl acetate or other products, the survival test will be a major difficulty.